To Text or Not to Text


You’ve just walked out the door after your interview with THE firm you want to work for.  As the door closes behind you, you realize that you forgot to tell your interviewers something vital!

Another interview is underway, so you can’t go back inside. A thank you note will take way too long to arrive.  What should you do?!

Standing the hallway, you look down at your interviewers’ business cards in your hands.  You see that their cell phone numbers are listed.  You grab your phone and start a text message . . . 


But what if the interviewer texted you earlier that they were running 10 minutes late on the interview schedule? 

No, really.  STOP!!

But what if they’ve already broken the ice with you, and you really need to tell them this ONE thing!

Don’t do it!  STOP!!!

While you, your classmates and even your professors may communicate by text messaging, but sending your interviewers text messages is a no-no, unless it is to respond to a specific question or issue they’ve raised.

Remember, law firms are still formal places, where strict rules of conduct are expected and observed. Lawyers primarily communicate through phone calls and emails. At certain firms, texting business information is not permitted! In other words, unless your interviewer says you can communicate by text, don’t do it.

If there is something that you forgot to discuss during your interview, then send a thank- you email with a sentence or two addressing the issue you wanted to raise. A phone call would also be inappropriate here.

If your interviewer does say that texting is fine, remember not to send texts outside of business hours, and keep in mind any time zone differences. Also, avoid sending a series of texts. These things can appear intrusive, and cause an interviewer to question your judgment..

If you’re concerned about the OCI process and what type of impression you’re making on your interviewers, go to for more helpful tips and take a look at our comprehensive OCI Survival Guide.