Six Critical Attributes Exercise

Converting Your Strengths Into Talking Points

So, you know the Six Critical Attributes that law firm interviewers are looking for (if you don’t, click here to see our blog post from July 26th), which is a great first step. But how do you figure out how you’ve demonstrated those traits? Try our exercise below.

  1. Make a List! List your 5 greatest achievements. These can be taken from any part of your life -- volunteer work, school, previous jobs, travel. Have you run a marathon? Did you work during undergrad? Have you perfected a foreign language?
  2. How Did You Get There? Look over your list, and for each item, think of how you achieved it. Did you have to do it over and over again before you succeeded? Did you do it even though others told you that you wouldn’t be able to do it? What’s your story for how you accomplished these five greatest achievements?
  3. Make a Match. Look over our Six Critical Attributes and make a match. How did you work hard? How did you get over obstacles? How did you train? Fit as many of the Six Critical Attributes into your story. And that’s it -- you’ve got 5 great talking points at your interview.

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