Why I Rejected a Candidate on Law Review

OCI from the Other Side of the Table:
An Interview with an Interviewer

            We’re into the second week of callbacks, and our friend the Big Law associate is back to tell us how it’s going and give us the scoop on who he’s extending offers to!

Ascend Legal: So tell us! How many offers have you made and how many rejections are going to be mailed out this week?

Big Law Associate: We haven’t made any offers yet. We’ve gotten a lot of duds. I assume these people were stellar in their on-campus interviews, but they were pretty awful at the callback. I guess it’s a lot easier to be “on” for 20 minutes than it is for half a day.

AL: Who were the duds?

BLA: Ugh -- this law review guy. He listed three interests at the bottom of his resume. One was soccer. I love soccer! But when I asked him about soccer, he said he didn’t play and he said he didn’t follow any teams. He finally admitted he only put it on his resume to seem well-rounded!

AL: Oof. That’s bad.

BLA: Yes! How can you not have any interests of your own? That’s just weird to make them up.

AL: We always tell our clients to be authentic in their interviews. It’s a lot easier to keep up the conversation when you’re actually interested in your interests!

BLA: I’m not looking for interests to be interesting. I’m looking for insights into the candidate as a person! And I’m always looking to learn something new! Tell me about candle making or pumpkin carving. I don’t care! As long as it’s really you.

AL:  I think some candidates are looking for a way to connect with interviewers, so they add general interests like travel or sports.

BLA: Listing interests like those don’t give you the opportunity to connect unless you have a real story that goes with them.

AL: Any other traps to look out for?

BLA: Oh, this other law review guy tried to describe his interest in litigation work as a disinterest in transactional work. He said he was more like a litigator because he was a “people person.” Presumably, unlike transactional lawyers. LIKE ME.

AL: Well, that’s not good.

BLA: I know! Who says that? Is he going to insult my family next? I really question that guy’s judgment.

AL: Once again, thanks so much for your time! We’re waiting on your next set of interviews for the scoop!

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