Are You on the Immediate No-Callback List?

OCI from the Other Side of the Table
An Interview with an Interviewer

            The first week of On Campus Interviews is over, and to see how it went, Ascend Legal talked to a Big Law associate who was sent to two large law schools in California. Some great tips ahead!

Ascend Legal: How many interviews did you do in total? And how many call-backs did you make?

Big Law Associate: About 42. I had 20 people on my schedule per day, and then did two additional interviews. I called back 5 people. It was an exhausting day.

AL: Who were those two additional people? How did they get on your schedule?

BLA: One was someone who emailed the firm’s head of recruitment ahead of time. Her resume was really impressive, and I was told to add her to my schedule. The other person I interviewed as a favor. He knew someone in our office and that person asked me to add him.

AL: We always advise our clients not to drop off their resumes on interview day because they get lost in the shuffle. Did you look at any resumes outside of those on  your schedule?

BLA: No, I didn’t have time. Sad to say, I think all the ones that got dropped off at the hospitality suite got thrown away.

AL: Did you interview anyone who was an immediate “No Callback”?

BLA: Yes, definitely.  I think there were about 5 people that I knew wouldn’t work out almost immediately.

AL: Tell me about them!

BLA: I really wanted to like one of them. She looked great on paper, but the interview was bad. She seemed obsessed with doing international work. We’re an international firm, but I’m interviewing for our [local] office. At one point, she wanted to brainstorm on how she could work in our [foreign] office! It was pretty clear she wasn’t interested in our [local] office and that she would jump somewhere else as soon as we trained her.

BLA: Another guy said he wasn’t really interested in working very hard, but could do it for a year or two. And there was someone who was just too weird. He had terrible grades too.

AL: What do you mean “too weird”?

BLA: Honestly, he was on the borderline as far as grades went, but he kept name dropping famous people. It was really off-putting.

AL: So, who did you bring back? What did they all have in common?

BLA: Some really great people! They just presented themselves really well. They had a lot of energy and they were really interested in the firm. One woman asked specific questions about our summer program, and you could tell she had done her research. I guess I called back people who were genuinely interested in the firm . . . and who weren’t douchey!

AL: Got it! Thanks for your time!